Friday, November 13, 2009

When will US Marine face Hate Crime for beating Greek Priest

Ahmed Bedier and the Human Rights Council are pushing authorities to investigate and charge U.S. Marine Reservist Jasen Bruce with hate crime charges.

Bruce attacked a Greek Orthodox Priest (Father Alexios Marakis) with a tire iron because he thought he was an "Arab terrorist."

For more background on this story,
read this AP article

On another note, where is the national media on this story? imagine if it was an Arab who attacked a US Marine with a tire iron.

Update: The St. Petersburg Times is reporting today that the Jasen Bruce also lied to the police about deployment to Iraq this coming January:
"One item she [Tampa Police Spokeswoman] said she could talk about: Bruce told police he was scheduled for deployment to Iraq in January. "That," McElroy said, "turned out not to be true."

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