Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This is how we do it: CAIR Launches "Explore Life of Prophet Muhammad(p)" Campaign

The non-profit organization (CAIR) I'm affiliated with has launched a new campaign that I'm very proud of. Recognizing that the blasphemous Islamophobic cartoons of Prophet Muhammad as an obstacle to the image of Islam, CAIR turned a challenge into an opportunity by launching a new worldwide campaign called "Explore the life of Muhammad" (peace be upon him).

The world is hungry for knowledge on the life of prophet Muhammad and what he stood for. To more about the beloved prophet, visit http://www.cair.com/Muhammad

Besides learning about Muhammad online, visitors can get either a free book or documentary DVD on his life.



Saturday, February 11, 2006

VIDEO: Ahmed Bedier debates Radall Terry on free speech, Danish Cartoons and Islam

** American Muslim opinion on Danish Muhammad Cartoons **

CAIR-FL Representative Ahmed Bedier debated Conservative Christian activist Randall Terry on Orlando's CBS affiliate WKMG Local6 on the global reaction to the Prophet Muhammad (p) cartoon flap.

Bedier corrected and answered Terry's baseless position that rioters in the Muslim world are reacting violently to the slander of Muhammad, because they're following His (Muhammad's) example of killing anyone who mocked him. Randall Terry is the founder of 'Operation Rescue' and 'Society for Truth and Justice.' Terry most recently acted as spokesman for the parents of Terri Shiavo.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

VIDEO: Bedier's Reaction to the Danish cartoon hysteria on NBC Tampa Affiliate

CAIR-FL Rep Ahmed Bedier appeared on Tampa's NBC affiliate WFLA to offer reaction to the Prophet Muhammad (p) cartoon controversy.

Monday, February 06, 2006

RADIO: Ahmed Bedier answers Questions on Prophet Muhammad Cartoons and Islam on the Schnitt Show

I was a guest on one of Tampa Bay's most listened to (I think, at least that's what they claim) radio talk shows knows as the Schnitt Show. Which is syndicated by Clear Channel in Tampa Bay, Miami and Charleston, SC. This was the first time I met Schnitt in person and was pleasantly surprised with his attitude on that day. I have to admit prior to being on his program I did have some pre-conceived notions about his show, because the couple of times I listened in he was bashing Islam.

On the show I told Schnitt and his listeners that Muslims reject the violent protests in reaction to the insulting anti-Muhammad (p) cartoons. While the cartoons are offensive, the violence is un-Islamic and counter productive. I also gave some examples on how prophet Muhammad responded to attacks.

Anyway it was fun to share the conservatives with Mr. Radio himself. Scroll down to listen to my appearance..... Ahmed Bedier

CAIR-FL Representative Ahmed Bedier appeared as a guest for a two-hour segment on Clear Channel's syndicated "Schnitt Radio Show." Bedier discussed the Muslim reaction to the Muhammad (p) cartoons and took live calls from listeners, including his favorite Michael Allen the "toilet man."

To listen to the show, follow the below link click here.