Thursday, March 19, 2009

FAQ: Setting the Record Straight


Ahmed Bedier sets the record straight by answering your questions.

This entry will be updated as needed.

Fabrication: Bedier still works for CAIR and the new organization he started is a front for CAIR
Real Story: Ahmed Bedier left CAIR in May 2008, see announcement here. Bedier is not employed or connected to the organization at all. The new civic engagement organization started by Bedier is an independent Florida-based non-profit NOT affiliated to CAIR, its associates or any other entity.

Fabrication and Smear: Bedier associates with terrorists
Real Story: Ahmed Bedier has NEVER met with anyone accused of terrorism. The source of this fabricated smear is a network of right-wing anti-Arab racist extremists. Bedier has been praised by the FBI Tampa field office for keeping nation safe (see video) and has excellent realtions with local law enforcement. The right-wing bloggers want the public to believe that Bedier has law enforcement and the FBI fooled.

Fabrication: Bedier has not condemned the Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Real Story: Ahmed Bedier has consistently condemned ALL forms of terrorism by individuals, groups and states. In a 12/13/2005 letter to WTVT station manager Bedier wrote "I believe it is unethical and immoral for an American, or those living in our nation, to support or associate with any group that sponsors terrorism, and that includes the Palestinian Islamic Jihad." READ FULL POST HERE

Fabrication: Bedier is spokesman for Sami Al-Arian
Real Story: Ahmed Bedier has NEVER met Dr. Sami Al-Arian, NEVER spoke with Al-Arian on the phone and NEVER corresponded with Al-Arian via email/mail. This fabrication is constantly recycled by right-wing racist bloggers dedicated to smearing Arab-Americans. READ THE FULL RESPONSE HERE

Question: A known anti-Muslim blogger named Joe Kaufman claims that Ahmed Bedier says "Nothing Immoral" About Islamic Jihad. What's the real story?
Answering the distortions and Clarifying a comment made on the 12/07/05 live television show "Your Turn" on Tampa's FOX Affiliate WTVT. Click here to read response.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ahmed Bedier on Why People Must Never Fear Government

Ahmed Bedier at the Florida Capitol quotes Thomas Jefferson in explaining why THE PEOPLE must never fear Government. Jefferson said "When people fear governments, you have tyranny, and when government fears the people you have liberty"

Florida Muslim Capitol Day brought 250 Floridians to the State Capitol who advocated for education and health care reform. While the majority of the participants were members of a religious minority, they did NOT push for any religious or self-serving issues.

United Voices For America which helped organize the event is dedicated to increasing minority participation in the political process.