Monday, March 05, 2007

Ahmed Bedier Exposes the "Illegitimate" Secular Islam Summit and its Funders the Intelligence Summit

Ahmed Bedier Exposes the "Illegitimate" Secular Islam Summit on the Glenn Beck television show. The Secular Islam Summit was organized exclusively by non-Muslims, atheists and known Muslim bashers. The funder and the host of the this false reformation hate-fest is the Intelligence Summit, an anti-Muslim group.


Anonymous said...

Asalaamu Aleykum,

Thanks brother Ahmed for your debate with this man, who claims to be a "Muslim, Christian and Jew" at the same time.

When I was watching this man, I was really laughing the way that he tries to put some money in his pocket from this so-called "summit."

Anyway, JAK brother. You've really done a great job.


Westerville, OH

Diva Reen said...

For the record, I condemn all unjust acts, and Islamophobia. Certainly, your organization is knowledgable in human rights.

I think that reasonable people should agree with CAIR and with loyal Americans like CAIR. After all, we all want justice like Mister Bedier wants, too.

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

I am a Canadian Muslim writer -- I just happened to surf onto your site today.

Come by my blog insha'Allah if you have an interest in poetry, reflections, fiction etc...

Ma'as salaama,

nuh ibn

Anubis said...

You did an excellent job on staying on the subject. Glenn and Tawfik must have tried changing the subject a good 10 times but you stuck to your guns. Bottom line, the Summit is irrelevant to mainstream muslims. When you have speakers like Wafa Sultan who VEHEMENTLY despise everything about Islam, how are you going to convince people who love Islam to change?

Unknown said...

Take your sorry ass back to the middle east and join your killer friends. Go change the minds of your murdering Jihad pigs before you talk to anyone in the USA about what is right or wrong. I hope we put all of you in intenrment camps. You deserved to be watched non-stop.