Monday, August 23, 2010

Muslims Killed in the 9/11 Terror Attacks

Missing from the current national controversy over plans to build a Muslim Community Center in Lower Manhattan, is the fact that Muslims were also killed in the WTC Attacks. September 11th was not an attack by Islam against America, 9/11 was an attack by criminal terrorists against humanity.

Islam and Muslims are not responsible and must not be held accountable for what happened on that tragic day.

Below is a list of Muslims who were killed in the 9/11 attacks.

Shabbir Ahmed (Ahmed's child Thanbir and Nicholas, the son of 9/11 victim Michelle Lanza, are in the movie "Telling Nicholas")
Tariq Amanullah
Touri Bolourchi (A retired nurse who emigrated to the US from Iran)
Abul K. Chowdhury (Cantor Fitzgerald analyst)
Mohammad S. Chowdhury (Windows on the World, father of one of the first 9/11 orphans, born two days after the attack)
Jamal Legesse Desantis
Ramzi Attallah Douani
Syed Fatha (54 years old; Pitney Bowes)
Mohammad Salman Hamdani (who was one of the heroes of that day)
Aisha Harris (21 years old; General Telecom)
Zuhtu Ibis
Mohammed Jawara (MAS security)
Sarah Khan (32 years old)
Taimour Khan (29 years old; Carr Futures)
Nurul Huq Miah (35 years old)
Boyie Mohammed (Carr Futures)
Ehtesham U. Raja (28 years old)
Amenia Rasool (33 years old)
Rahma Salie & unborn child (28 years old; American Airlines #11; wife of Michael Theodoridis; 7 months pregnant)
Khalid Shahid (25 years old; Cantor Fitzgerald; engaged to be married in November)
Mohammed Shajahan (44 years old; Marsh & McLennan)
Naseema Simjee (Franklin Resources Inc.'s Fiduciary Trust)
Michael Theodoridis (32 years old; American Airlines #11; husband of Rahma Salie)

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