Friday, January 02, 2009

Tariq Ramadan: Resolve Palestinian-Israeli Conflict With New Global Non-Violent Movent

While many Arab and Muslims thinkers have been at a loss for words or solutions in regards to the recent Gaza crisis and the ongoing Palestinian Israeli conflict, Dr. Tariq Ramadan offers an alternative thought provoking path to peace and justice.

Mr. Ramdan is spot on when he expressed:

If the Middle East is teaching Muslims anything, it is to stop acting in isolation and return to the universal values they share with their fellow citizens. They should realise they are in and with the majority. Demonstrations and articles are crucial but we need to go further. To launch a global movement of non-violent resistance to the violent and extremist policy of the state of Israel has become imperative. The violence inflicted, in front of us, upon a population of one and a half million humans makes our silence, our division and even our limited emotional reaction undignified, insane and inhumane. A true and dignified resistance requires commitment, patience and a long-term strategy of information, alliance and huge, non-violent democratic participation.
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Anonymous said...

I guess the missles the Palestinians are launching into Israel are a true and dignified response that will bring peace. I'm amazed at your Bias and slanted view.

Mike C. Cleveland, GA

Ahmed Bedier said...

Mike, Please read the article again. It calls for a global non-violent movement. Home-made crude rockets out of Gaza are not part of the equation. Where is the bias?

Compare the number of deaths and destruction. Numbers don't lie:

Israelis & Palestinians Killed in 2008

Israelis: 35
Palestinians: 950

Compare Military Strength

Air Force: Combat Aircrafts & Helicopters
Israel: 1300
Palestine: 0 (no Air force)

3 Nuclear subs
3 landing crafts
15 combat boats
50 patrol boats

Palestine: NO NAVY

Israeli Tanks: 3800
Palestinian tanks: NO Tanks

Nuclear Weapons:
Israel: 70 to 400
Palestine: No Nukes

Evidence doesn't lie and leads to the truth