Saturday, January 27, 2007

Islamophobic Propaganda Distributed Door-to-Door in Seminole Florida Designed to Scare People into Attending Church

A local reporter called me (Ahmed Bedier) the other day for reaction on a story about the distribution of hateful anti-Muslim flyers in a Seminole, Florida neighborhood. The reporter sent me a copy of a payer flyer cut in the shape of a door-knob handle similar to those used for marketing pizza coupons.

The flyer's - a copy is available here - heading asks in bold caps "ARE YOU READY?", followed by a list of lies. Here are some of them:

-Muslim Extremists have been stockpiling anthrax in this country for years

-Several suit-case sized nuclear bombs are thought to have been smuggled across the Mexican border into our country.

-Within 3 days over 100 million Americans could die of Anthrax Poison

Then it asks the QUESTION "Are you ready for eternity? Do you know for sure that you're going to heaven?

Wait a minute, I thought this was about securing the country from the anthrax and nukes. The flyer goes on to say:

Jesus paid for the sins of the whole world. He suffered a horrible death for us and took our punishment so we wouldn't have to go to hell. There is only one unpardonable sin, rejecting Jesus as our Savior. Terrorism is a real tragedy, but eternity without Christ is the greatest tragedy.

The newspaper learned about this bigoted trash from a couple who got a copy of this flyer on their door. The informed the paper that the entire neighborhood was flooded with this junk.

It's unfortunate that we live in a time where individuals and groups (including religious) are exploiting existing fears to promote their own cause.


- said...

Salamualaykum Ahmed Bedier

I watched your debate on youtube of the kingdom of heaven, and I want to say Bravo! You are a real expert and you did a good job defendign Islam.
Good job man, may Allah SWT give you Jannah Insha'Allah

Unknown said...

Quick question:

How do we know who has distributed these leaflets? The KKK? Right Wing Groups?

Or is it an operation of disinformation which is operated by the FBI or another agency - in order to stir up strife and cause a hardening of attitudes on both sides - it smacks of classic cointelpro to me ..

But then I wonder whether I should restrict my thoughts to the classic particpants in such scams - would any of the non-moderate extremist Moslem groups (some of whom are banned) stoop so low as too fake this and stir up trouble?

I'm looking at this from a lens of history and cointelpro and counter-cointelpro (from the 50's and 60's) - so I have no Islamaphobic axe to grind - but I wondered what you thought.

Shams said...

hi Ahmed,

I watched your interview yesterday on whats happening program, i am surprised that you have only two comments in regard to this topic, well , one is not related really lol....i guess, not a lot of ppl watch that show, it is a bit boring, but William tries his best to give it some upbeat.

i just wana say that i am glad that you are cracking some news b4 the media, thats something about bloggers that is eye catching and valuable.

hopefully, with good efforts, the religious gap will be minimal as we all want to thwart any kind of discriminatory phobia.


The FBI, KKK or Islamic extremists, reminds me of some sects in Iraq, whom they wonder who did the terrorist act, the zionist, the americans, the iranians, or whatever....

i just hate uncertainty, but sometimes you just this case, i think it is just islamophobia.

Captain USpace said...

Wow, these people are Christian wackos apparently, I just hope there are no passages in the Bible which advocate making the whole Earth Christian, like either convert them, tax them or kill them. Obviously, God would not call for such a thing.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe thinks
up ways to keep women down

janice said...

I totally agree with uspace. Surely a "holy" text would never call for world domination, special tax for non-believers or forced convertion by threat of murder. Not to mention the subjegation of women.

Surely the only True God would never approve this type of religion.

Great comment uspace.

Cliff said...

The truth is that as long as Islam remains a threat is pervecived that way or is perceived to be pushy, Biblical Christianity will grow and spread in response. Not only in the US but around the world.

Cliff said...

The truth is as long as Islam remains a threat or is perceived that way, or is pervceived as demanding it's way, Biblical Christianity in the US and abroad will grow and spread in response.