Monday, February 06, 2006

RADIO: Ahmed Bedier answers Questions on Prophet Muhammad Cartoons and Islam on the Schnitt Show

I was a guest on one of Tampa Bay's most listened to (I think, at least that's what they claim) radio talk shows knows as the Schnitt Show. Which is syndicated by Clear Channel in Tampa Bay, Miami and Charleston, SC. This was the first time I met Schnitt in person and was pleasantly surprised with his attitude on that day. I have to admit prior to being on his program I did have some pre-conceived notions about his show, because the couple of times I listened in he was bashing Islam.

On the show I told Schnitt and his listeners that Muslims reject the violent protests in reaction to the insulting anti-Muhammad (p) cartoons. While the cartoons are offensive, the violence is un-Islamic and counter productive. I also gave some examples on how prophet Muhammad responded to attacks.

Anyway it was fun to share the conservatives with Mr. Radio himself. Scroll down to listen to my appearance..... Ahmed Bedier

CAIR-FL Representative Ahmed Bedier appeared as a guest for a two-hour segment on Clear Channel's syndicated "Schnitt Radio Show." Bedier discussed the Muslim reaction to the Muhammad (p) cartoons and took live calls from listeners, including his favorite Michael Allen the "toilet man."

To listen to the show, follow the below link click here.


Anonymous said...

Excellent show! Maybe next time Schnitt will think twice before bashing Muslims :)

Ahmed Bedier said...

Schnitt defended his position by saying that whenever he takes a hardline position against "extremist Muslims" he'll mention that they are only the minority. I guess he ends us focusing on the minority way to much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking your time to try and reason with a few Tampa Bay miscreants.

'Toilet man 'is almost understandable' but this other 'gentleman ' with the signs is beyond comprehension. One would assume , professionally licensed persons would set an example for the community rather than inspire more ignorance than already exists in some local Tampa Bay communities.

Perchance , my misfortune was to live next door to a ' Wadley ' ; there would be a tall fence between us.

I'm certain there are many families who discourage their children from playing on his street. He is an embarrassment.

Again, my gratitude for your efforts to offer civil ideas and tidings of peace.