Tuesday, January 03, 2006

From Google Video: Palestine is Still The Issue - by John Pilger

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Anonymous said...

What this documentary portrays is very heart wrenching, as it offers what many Americans are not used to hearing: The Palestinians Hardships. If any of us want to truly grasp this key issue that influences all of the world we live in, we have to allow the Palestinians grievances to be heard with the same considerations we give to the Israelis and all the other influencing entities. Otherwise it's bias and useless information that has no meaning.
There is of course a spin put on by American media that only expresses one set of views, and that is deplorable. Above that, many of us simply ignore the issues at hand which is even worse. To turn a blind eye on suffering and injustice is to advocate and endorse it. Many believe that they can do nothing to remedie these issues but this is false. It's true that there is no single way a average individual can influence such a devastating problem but we all can take steps toward understanding the issue. And with understanding we can decide what has gone wrong. The first step is to change ourselves, then to try and make a difference as best we can.
Still, many of us have to go out of our way to get the truth and facts on these core problems. But in pursuing a clear picture on what is happening there(the injustices and cruelties) we are taking steps toward our own revelations, from which we can begin to influence others, which just might make a difference. Sometimes that is all we can, or need to do, to make any substancial progress in the right direction.