Thursday, March 19, 2009

FAQ: Setting the Record Straight


Ahmed Bedier sets the record straight by answering your questions.

This entry will be updated as needed.

Fabrication: Bedier still works for CAIR and the new organization he started is a front for CAIR
Real Story: Ahmed Bedier left CAIR in May 2008, see announcement here. Bedier is not employed or connected to the organization at all. The new civic engagement organization started by Bedier is an independent Florida-based non-profit NOT affiliated to CAIR, its associates or any other entity.

Fabrication and Smear: Bedier associates with terrorists
Real Story: Ahmed Bedier has NEVER met with anyone accused of terrorism. The source of this fabricated smear is a network of right-wing anti-Arab racist extremists. Bedier has been praised by the FBI Tampa field office for keeping nation safe (see video) and has excellent realtions with local law enforcement. The right-wing bloggers want the public to believe that Bedier has law enforcement and the FBI fooled.

Fabrication: Bedier has not condemned the Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Real Story: Ahmed Bedier has consistently condemned ALL forms of terrorism by individuals, groups and states. In a 12/13/2005 letter to WTVT station manager Bedier wrote "I believe it is unethical and immoral for an American, or those living in our nation, to support or associate with any group that sponsors terrorism, and that includes the Palestinian Islamic Jihad." READ FULL POST HERE

Fabrication: Bedier is spokesman for Sami Al-Arian
Real Story: Ahmed Bedier has NEVER met Dr. Sami Al-Arian, NEVER spoke with Al-Arian on the phone and NEVER corresponded with Al-Arian via email/mail. This fabrication is constantly recycled by right-wing racist bloggers dedicated to smearing Arab-Americans. READ THE FULL RESPONSE HERE

Question: A known anti-Muslim blogger named Joe Kaufman claims that Ahmed Bedier says "Nothing Immoral" About Islamic Jihad. What's the real story?
Answering the distortions and Clarifying a comment made on the 12/07/05 live television show "Your Turn" on Tampa's FOX Affiliate WTVT. Click here to read response.


Anonymous said...

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I spotted the article about Joe Kaufman and his website. I believe that it was fitting that the article was put in the paper on this day. All people must be judged by their actions and words and not by outstanding ignorance or persistence of misconceived notions otherwise we become bigots and hate mongers. Race and creed should not ever be fare game to hurt others in anyway.
Should anyone follow hate, they walk away from me and all I hold sacred. These are days of perseverance, as much as they have ever been, to minorities. To see this kind of libel deeply saddens me. I hope that someday we can step away from ignorance and hate, and toward humanity and liberty. I wish to see the good men and women not be dragged down into a quagmire of propaganda or ever find themselves on the receiving end of any form of racial/religious hate speech.
On this note, everyone should take a minute to look into the history books and become aware of the ways mankind has been mislead. This is the only way to avoid making the same mistakes, time and time again.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to notify everyone that Joe Kaufman has been running from a challenge from a Muslim scholar named Jalal Abdualrub( ). Jalal, debated the issue of "Islam and Terrorism" on the nationally syndicated Mike Gallagher radio show( against Craig Winn(
), you can download the debate here:

After hearing the debate, you will see that Jalal systematically destroyed Craig Winn, as Craig could not find a single verse in the Quran which taught terrorism!

Well anyways, Jalal has now challenge Joe Kaufman for a debate, and it appears that our "bad boy" Kaufman is having cold feet and is on the run.

I think we need to confront Joe Kaufman and ask him why he is running from this debate. Can he really defend his views infront of a Muslim scholar like Jalal? And a final point, I as a American expect so-called patriots like Joe Kaufman to be man enough to stand up to the challenge, or else shut up, and remove your site. Here is what bothers me, these so-called patriots encourage our young Americans to be brave… face the enemy head on in Iraq, but they don't show the same courage to face their enemy in a fair, moderated debate.

Nadir Ahmed

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Bedier, Assaalmu alaikum we rahmetullah.
First of, I am a member of CAIR here in New York, and I also contribute to CAIR Central Florida, since I am Partial resident of Temple Terrace. With that out of the way I want to say that I admire your energy however I think that you need reinforcement to keep up the good job that you are doing. I had the pleasure to listen to you at one of the CAIR conferences and at the Sligh Ave. Masjid, and I do believe in you capabilites to defend the vicious attacks that are hurled at us on daily basis, by the likes of Joe Kaufman and many others. Once again, keep up the good work and may Allah bless you.
Respectfuly yours,

Anonymous said...

these Christian fanatics try to make a fool of our religion, they end up looking as the fools