Friday, February 11, 2005

VIDEO: Jamal Badawi & Ahmed Bedier discuss on Misconceptions about Islam

Dr. Jamal Badawi and Ahmed Bedier appear on 1-hour live cable show on the misconceptions about Islam.

Great program for those who have doubts on what Islam on violence, terrorism and war. Seperate fact from fiction. Watch it now by following the below link:

(c) 2005 Ahmed Bedier / Omar El-Maghrabi / Islam Show


Anonymous said...

You know what's amazing to me? Every time you guys attack Israel and then get your asses kicked, you come crying to the court of world opinion asking for someone to "remember you" and intervene. As time goes on, your true beliefs and intentions are becoming clearer and clearer to the world.

Christian said...

You Guys ? what the hell do you mean !!! Im a Norwegian and a beliver in Christ, and if someone kills a doctor because he does abortion. In America that should not effect me as a Christian here in Norway. Just because some ''muslim'' terrorist bombs a buss full of people. Doesent mean he reprisent ALL of muslims countrys. You have over 19 muslim countrys that has 0 Problems, and 2 with problems like Palastine and Iraq. So dont use the term YOU GUYS next time ok ? I bet i could mention over 2000 cases that Israel does War Crime. And they are all Jews. So the jews has only 1 State that reprisent them, does that mean that all Jews are evil ? NO it doesent. I made my point, peace out !!! And JESUS bless you